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About Daisy Thomas

Daisy Thomas grew up in a small town in Alabama, leaving for California in 1972 where she married and raised her family. Her Education consists of 11 years as a Substance Abuse counselor, which gave her exposure to multi-generational addictions and family abuse.

She began her undergraduate work at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA, where she graduated and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work. Ms Thomas went on to complete her graduate work at Loma Linda University with a Masters in Social Work which allowed her to work with Substance abusing and severely Mentally Ill Patients.

She has worked extensively with Major Depression Disorders, Anxiety and phobias, childhood disorders, and marriage and family problems. Ms Thomas theoretical Orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where she educates and assists each client to broaden their cognitive abilities to make the necessary behavioral lifestyle changes, which in turn improves their mental status and the way they view themselves and their environment.

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